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May 26th 1981

I was born on May 26th 1981 at 10:07am at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton to Kerry and Steve Winsor. 
I was given the names Kirsty Elisabeth Valerie Winsor, Elisabeth after my mums mum and Valerie after my Dads Mum. My uncle thought the tag on my cot said Krusty and this has been my knickname ever since although only My mum and Fiona still call me it now I am an adult.

June 13th 1984
On June 13th 1984 at 13:13 I became big sister to Sonny James Winsor.

16th June 1998
On the 16th June 1998 my friend of a year became my bloke and my future husband.
September 4th 2000
On September 4th 2000 at 6:16am I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the birthing pool at the royal sussex county hospital. We named her Brooke Ann Bailey.
28th April 2005
On april 28th 2005 I married my other half, Scott Bailey, in leu gardens, Florida and became Mrs Kirsty Bailey.
30th July 2006
On July 30th 2006 at 3:55am I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in the birthing pool at the royal sussex county hospital in brighton. We named him Riley Steven Bailey. We got the name Riley from the film national treasure and Steven after my dad.
January 1st 2007
On january 1st 2007 my Sister-in-law, Scotts sister, died after she hung herself on december 29th 2006. I miss her everyday so much and would do anything for just one more day with her. 

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