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Special Memories
80's Night, The bat and Ball 7th June 2008  

london with Fee for my 27th Bday x  
May 23rd-may 25th London with Fiona. Thistle Barbican in Clerkenwell Islington. Madam Tussauds and Chicago xx

Day out in London with My sis-in-law  
Me and Nicki decided to go out to a makeover and photo shoot in Covent Garden on 12th November 2007. We had a brill time and were drinking cocktails in a bar on leicester square at 5pm LOL. 



This is Sam.

I found these words today that I wanted to share.

Suicide: A word that no one likes to hear. Having a friend or family member take their life, leaves an empty hole of unanswered questions.
Depression is still heavily stigmatized in society, programs need to be visible to help those obtain the help they need.

* More people die by suicide each day than every person that died in the Sept 9-11 attacks.
* Suicide is the second (Canada) and third (USA) leading cause of death for youth between the ages of 10 and 24.
* By the age of 18, 1 in 20 youth will have made a suicide attempt.
* Someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds
* For every teen that dies by suicide, 400 report attempting suicide.

Suicide Prevention Is key
Depression is a disease
Support is key 

Why do some people reach out while others do not. How can we encourage people to reach out for help, what are the barriers that stop them and how can we work at diminishing those barriers. 

This is to my beloved Sister-in-law who took her own life on dec 29th 2006 and died in hospital on new years day 2007.
Sam lost her fiance just 19 days before they were to exchange their vows. She then spent 18 months trying to pull herself out of a spiraling depression. As hard as I am finding loosing her I know that what she felt loosing Bri was millions worse than  I feeling right now. 

Lots of people brushed Sam under the carpet, their reasons for doing so I cant answer. Maybe it was because they felt their problems were more important, maybe it was because they didnt believe in depression or just maybe it was because she hid it so well. I saw Sam in some of her lowest points and talk to her and saw how low she was. Sam and I always talked about things like this as we had both been in that place, been thru simular feelings and acted on them in the same way. I KNOW HOW FEELING THAT LOW FEELS.

I wil not let myself get to where Sam was and I WILL NOT LET THE SAME PEOPLE PULL ME AS LOW AS THEY PULLED HER.

I am going to do my best to help others and and help prevent others feeling the way Sam did, that leaving was the only way. But I need ur help and support.

Suicide doesnt ease your pain, It only lays it on the shoulders of those left behind.

Thank you for reading this I will be adding a web address to where people can donate money to help others fight the illness that Some turn their noses up at and help those who feel their is no way out see there is always a tomorrow.

Thank you 
Kirsty xxxx 

Mrs Bo Jangles  

Meet Mrs Bo Jangles (Bo for short) she came home with us on Oct 29th from my aunt Nessas cat Boo. She is 8 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous although she kept me up the first night. Might have to remove the bell from her collar LOL 

My Wedding day April 28th 2005  

Leu Gardens, Orlando, Florida
April 28th 2005
Kirsty Winsor Married Scot Bailey
Bridesmaid Brooke Bailey
Guests: Steven and Kerry Winsor and Gloria Bailey

Maggies 50th  

Went out for Kerri's Bday 2007 dressed as police women

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